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Which Squishy Are You?

Just wonderin

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  1. What is your favorite dog?

    much wrinkle
    much wrinkle
    much fluff
    much fluff
    much stomach few head
    much stomach few head
    much curl
    much curl
    much cuteness
    much cuteness
  2. Who is the cutest?

    Kevin Chen
    Marc Courtemanche
    Will Steinfeld
    Johnathan Jiang
    Ben Magid
    Luca Arshad
    Nick Connolly
    Joe Tibbles
  3. You're at Starbucks. What do you get?

    Trolol I go to Dunkin
    Either hot chai or iced chai.. depends on the day
    Weird ass caramel coffee
    Something fruity but I like to mix it up
    I just love tea
  4. Favorite Shoes?

    Birks but never with socks
    Moccasins they're so soft
    ballet slippers of course
    Bean boots
  5. What class do you look forward to every day?

    Spanish Class
    CC trolol
    Any class that has cute boys
    English because I am the only one who ever participates
    AP World History, AP Level, AP
    Intro to Special Ed
  6. Describe yourself in a few words.

    Selfless and caring
    Logical, smart, but perfectionist
    Super nice, positive, sometimes a little quiet
    Energetic, talkative, loud
    I'm the smartest one in my friend group but I still love them
    Good at basically everything I do
    Hi my name is exaggerater
    Super blunt and outgoing
    likes to gossip, always knows whats up
    Low key hates life but pretends they're life is wonderful
  7. You finally finish all your homework. What do you go watch on TV?

    Well I usually procrastinate by watching the office for hours.
    GREYS ahaskdals
    Any crime show
    Whatever my brothers are watching
    No I'm too busy doing homework
  8. Dream Vacation Destination?

    Exploring NYC
    Anywhere in the Caribbean
  9. Your friends want to hang out, you suggest...

    Watching a sunrise
    Going shopping
    Exploring the city
    Going to Starbucks
    Doing yoga
    Taking a dance class
    Hanging out at someones house
    Going to the library
  10. How would you describe your experience with boys?

    Well once through the transitive property I kissed a boy...
    Things are currently complicated trololol
    I like to hook up with boys but I haven't had serious relationships
    I've been in a lot of relationships and done stuff eeeee
    Once a man saw my vagina in the woods
  11. What do people hear you saying most?

    Something about your current crush
    Weird jokes that nobody understands
    You laughing at other people's jokes
    Questions about homework
    "ya girl"
  12. What outfit would someone catch you wearing to school?

    maroon jacket
    maroon jacket
    scarf and sweatshirt
    scarf and sweatshirt
    army jacket
    army jacket
    Sports Spirit
    flared yoga pants
    flared yoga pants
  13. Thoughts on VSCO?

    It makes me feel empowered and I like posting on it
    I don't have a VSCO but it's popular
    I just want to be VSCO famous tbh
    I check it like every other day its not that cool
    What's VSCO?

Which Squishy Are You?

You got: Stephie the Squish

A fun-loving, crazy, loud, rambunctious, gal. If you got her, then you better love puppies and Dunkin donuts otherwise this quiz was rigged

Stephie the Squish
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You got: Ilanie the Squish

Queen of exaggeration. Incredibly smart and a bomb ass gal. She loves chai tea lattes so hit her up

Ilanie the Squish
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You got: Bev the Squish

Probably the most spastic person ever. She loves crocs and singing. Buy her quirky gifts and starbucks!

Bev the Squish
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You got: Courk the Squish

Always has a different catch phrase. Crazy lady. She loves dogs and smoothies lawl

Courk the Squish
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You got: Anna the Squish

Such a cutie pie. Incredibly kind and selfless :) lil ballerina queen

Anna the Squish
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