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Mar 2018
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    caysiestorkt commented on What Tiny (But Doable) Changes Have Helped You Live Healthier?

    I got Zumba for the Nintendo Switch and love it! I am a stay-at-home mom with three kids and I love having something that is fun, I can change it up, and can do you everyday. Finding time to pack a bag and go to the gym and putting my kids in childcare wasn’t working for me. I now… 

    1 year ago

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    caysiestorkt commented on What's Your Favorite Voice Acting Performance?

    James Earl Jones as Mufasa. The first actor I think about for the Lion King is Jones. I remember him as Mufasa in the animated version as a kid and now as an adult in the real life action version. He brings those words of wisdom to life! “While others search for what they can take,… 

    1 year ago

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