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A Love Letter To Fries From All Of Us

We told ourselves we weren't going to cry.

Sometimes, we write love letters to the people we love and sometimes…we write them to fries. Watch as we open up our hearts and souls to these perfect, little sticks of fried potato goodness.

Dear fries,

Ever since you came into our lives, nothing has been the same.

Your crispy exterior and extra-fluffy interior make you one of a kind. And if we’re being honest, we’ll never do better.

Your best quality? That you come in so many different forms.

AND waffled? Just when we think we have you all figured out, you go and surprise us.

A plate of waffle fries on a white surface.

And you get along with everything and everyone you come in contact with.

You also seem to come alive when topped with things like cheese and gravy.

A shot of poutine inside an aluminum takeout container.

You can also be prepared in so many different ways. Deep-fried, oven-baked, air-fried.

An overhead shot of fries in a baking tray and a hand taking out a fry.

You're the first bite we take, no matter what's on the plate.

Friends enjoying food and drinks while spending the day together at home

You awaken the inner chef in us with your endless possibilities.

A man in chef whites kissing his fingers.

And you help turn our kitchens into the bougiest of restaurants.

An overhead shot of fries in a plate with some chicken wings and Cavendish Farms bag sitting next to it.

We love you! xoxo

A shot of a man poking his face out in a kissing motion next to a blown up shot of a fry with ketchup on it.

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A table with a plate of waffle fry sandwiches on it and a bag of Cavendish Farms Waffle Fries sitting next to it.