• 1. “Bad Romance”

    This duo has been doing acapella-beatbox covers for the better part of the last year—frequently improving on the originals, too.

  • 2. “Telephone”

    Another YouTube duet that gives Gaga’s original a run for its money. The beatboxing section here is rad.

  • 3. “Paparazzi”

    The most incredible part of this is at 0:50, where she sounds exactly like a violin.

  • 4. “Poker Face (Remix)”

    This super-rad beatboxer mashes up a remix of “Poker Face” with Britney’s “I’m a Slave 4 U.”

  • 5. “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)”

    This duo has done a whole bunch of Gaga songs—but more interesting is their choice to do one of Gaga’s less popular songs.