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6th Grader's Essay On Beyoncé

Here is an essay that a sixth grader wrote about Beyoncé for her English term paper. (She wanted help on it.) It's honest and kind of hilarious. Everything about it makes us secretly wish we could go back to grade school.

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The only person who thinks Beyonce isn’t a diva is herself. She’s never thought that she was better than anybody else. Beyonce knows when and how to have an attitude on and off of stage. She knows how to stop being a diva when the show is over.

Beyonce is a unique kind of diva. She is extremely successful, but the fame hasn’t made her stuck up. “Sometimes I think ‘What if I get too famous?” She says. She wants to be able to go out in public and not worry about being recognized.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981. She got her first name from her mothers maiden name.

Beyonce grew up in a nice house with her parents, Tina and Matthew, and her younger sister Solange. Her father had a job with a big company, and earned a big income selling medical equipment. Tina owned a hair salon. Both Beyonce and Solange went to private school. Growing up, the girls were well taken care of.

Religion has always been an important part in Beyonce’s life. She attended church weekly, and sang in the church choir. That is where she discovered much of her singing talent.

The people who inspired Beyonce were “The Supremes” and “Jackson 5”. They influenced much of the music she wrote. Beyonce was also inspired by her parents. She said that she always saw them working hard and wanted to do the same.

When Beyonce was eight years old, she auditioned for a singing group in Houston. Here, she met LaTavia Robertson. Beyonce, Her cousin Kelly Rowland, and LaTavia formed their own singing group. Another girl named LeToya Tuckett joined the group. Beyonce’s father, Mathew, managed the group.

The girls had a hard time getting a record deal. Colombia Records agreed to let the girls try out. The night before their try out, the girls went swimming. Their noses were stuffy, and they didn’t sing well.

Then, in 1995, they thought they had a deal with Elektra Records. Then, a few months later, the label dropped them. At this time, Matthew and the girls were playing around with the group’s name.

Tina adored the word ‘Destiny’, which she spotted when she opened a Bible. But that was taken. They decided on ‘Destiny’s Child’ Destiny means God. They thought of the word ‘child’ because they felt as if they were children on God.

In 1997, Colombia Records flew the girls to New York for another try out. They thought that the try out went well, but the weren’t sure.

The girls found out the great news at Tina’s beauty shop. They started screaming in the middle of the salon.

The first album from Destiny’s Child was called simply “Destiny’s Child” It came out in February of 1998. The album sold more than half a million copies.

The next album recorded was titled “The Writings on the Wall”. “Say My Name” was a huge sensation. It won two Grammys, and went on to sell over ten million copies.

In December of 1999, LeToya and LaTavia wanted their own managers. Within weeks, they were out of the group. Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin were in.

By July 2000, Farrah was gone. She didn’t want to tour and was late to rehearsals. The group was down to three members. Kelly shared many of the lead vocals, but Beyonce had the major role in the studio. She helped write and produce almost every song on their new album, Survivor.

In 2002, Beyonce made her big screen debut. She starred in the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember. She played “Foxxy Cleopatra”.

Beyonce made her solo debut in 2003 with her album “Dangerously in Love”. The album was a hit. May people thought Beyonce sang better as a solo artist than a member of a group. Two standout songs were “Crazy in Love” with Jay-Z, and “Baby Boy” with Sean Paul. They were catchy songs and you couldn’t get the beats out of your head.

Rumor had it that Beyonce and Jay-Z were together. Beyonce kept her feelings private. But Jay-Z’s friends were sure of that the two were in love.

On April 4th, 2008 , Beyonce and Jay-Z married. In 2011, Beyonce delivered her first child, Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce is one of today’s leaders in entertainment. She has starred in movies, recorded hit singles, and worked with many other successful artists such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Usher, Justin Timberlake, TI, Lil Wayne, Shakira, and many others. In 2004, she broke the record for the most Grammys won by a female artist winning 5 Grammys.

I think that Beyonce is a very successful and talented woman. I think she will continue to be a great woman and thrive in her life.

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