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The Very Best Of Cats Chillin'

Here's a bunch of cats just chillin' the fuck out. Which, yes, is what cats always do, but I'm talking about the felines who are right at the top of their game. These badasses could relax for America.

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  • I'm going to spare us all the agony of me trying to write captions for these telling you what these cats may be thinking. I feel like there's a whole website for that somewhere. (Via)

  • Actually, sike! This guy is all, "I can chill anywhere, bitches. I will chill between the bars of an iron grate and make it look comfortable." (Via)

  • Another windowsill cat. The crossed legs is how you can tell she's a pro. (Via)

  • Glamor shot. (Via)

  • This guy is the OG. He did it first, and no one has done it better since.

  • More passed out than chillin', but same general concept. (Via)

  • Homeboy makes the cut because he's fat and he doesn't give a shit about it. (Via)

  • Let's finish out with a song that touches on our basic theme here. (Via)