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What Happens When You Go To The Biggest Lingerie Show In The World

Ever heard of Curve Expo? Yeah, neither had I. But as writer who just entered the wonderful world of lingerie, I knew this trade show was one that couldn't be missed. From learning about the latest in fabric and color innovation to stuffing my face as I walked around an emporium of scantily clad models, this is what happened at Curve NY 2017...

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9. Later, I learned it's a bride's world...

Third booth: Betsey Johnson

The Trend: Bridal

The Must-Have: I legit have a shower/bachelorette/wedding to go to every other weekend. SPOILER ALERT: Ya'll are all getting "Wifey" panties.

10. But the biggest Curve Expo 2017 takeaway was...

Bras are not the enemy. Keep an open mind, get fitted, and find the perfect style/size/fabrication that’s right for you. You and “your girls” will thank me later.

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