14 Ways To Style Long Hair For Fall

After a summer of shedding, it’s time to mix up your hair routine! Check out these cute and easy styles for long hair.

1. Make a funky color choice.

anyjazz65 / Via Flickr: 49024304@N00

2. Dye an accent streak.

3. Tease it out.

Glen Ivey / Via Flickr: gleneivey

4. Go wavy and natural.

big-ashb / Via Flickr: big-ashb

5. Rock a side part.

Alisha Vargas / Via Flickr: alishav

6. Or a center part.

Susan E Adams / Via Flickr: susanad813

7. Leave it down.

Johnathan Nightingale / Via Flickr: johnath

8. If you’re feeling bold, get a dramatic cut.

9. Accessorize.

Susan E Adams / Via Flickr: susanad813

10. Accessorize.

tata_aka_T / Via Flickr: 12453467@N00

11. Accessorize.

Alisha Vargas / Via Flickr: alishav

12. Rock a bow.

13. Get highlights.

McD22 / Via Flickr: smcdevitt

14. And when you have a simply incurable bad hair day, try a stylish hood.

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