19 Things You Experienced On Your Last Catnip Trip

We might not like to admit it, but we’ve all been there. Catnip, man…

1. So there you are. Minding your own business, getting ready for the day.

2. Your schedule is jammed packed.

dee m / Via Flickr: dee_m

So no funny business. You have to get things done.

3. When out of the blue your human calls you.

What do they want? Do I dare go over?

4. They hand you something that smells and tastes pretty darn good.

Must be legit. What could go wrong?

5. And then all of the sudden it hits you.

6. Catnip. Whoa.

And so it begins.

7. Your sense of perception suddenly changes dramatically.

8. Your fur begins to itch like crazy.

9. Your friends start to talk gibberish.


10. That liquid your human sprays on you now feels AMAZING!

11. You begin to see things that aren’t there.

12. Your appetite kicks in at full speed…

…but getting to your food is a completely different story.

13. Your human goes from looking totally normal…

14. …TO THIS!

Laurence Monneret / Via gettyimages.com


15. You discover new “hidden talents” you never knew you had.

“Dude…dude….dude…look what I can do…dude…”

16. You feel like you’re on top of the world!

17. And then just at the moment when you’re feeling your best…

18. …you come crashing down…

19. …and it’s over.

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