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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Share Your Bed With A Human

Yeah, they feed you and give you massages, but when it comes to your beauty rest it's a whole different story.

So there you are, alone in YOUR bed, ready to have a restful night of sleep.

And then your human shows up.


Party's over.

1. They insist on moving you and taking over your well-deserved warm spot.


Just because you're bigger doesn't mean you need to be rude about it.

2. After they're settled they think that a good "cuddle" is what you want.


Ew! Getawayfrommegetawayfromme ewwww!

3. And once your human's there, it becomes an invitation for other non-invited creatures to join.


Nope. Nope. Never gonna happen.

4. If the creature is another human, you can say goodbye to roomy bed.

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5. At times they have the nerve to take over the whole bed without asking.

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6. Worst case scenario, they lock you out and your forced to find an alternative sleeping spot.


Who do they think they are? They act like they own the place!

7. They're constantly making horrible noises all night.

8. They move all over the bed without acknowledging your presence.

9. After they've ruined your night, they won't even get up to serve your breakfast.

10. And right when you've given up, your human's noise machine suddenly goes off...

...and you're never prepared for it.

But someday, we will be in control of our sleep...


One can dream, can't they?