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10 Photos That Pretty Much Ruined Political Careers

It's easy to land after falling off a shelf. But landing after a scandalous selfie is much harder.

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2. Sebastian drinking like a dog (Purrpublican)

-Mainframe- / Via Flickr: princessjess

There was already plenty of uneasiness that Sebastian's camp was way too comfortable with canines. This solidified that sad suspicion.

3. Monty's unflattering paparazzo shot (Purrpublican)

hipsxxhearts / Via Flickr: hipsxxhearts

Every political cat has to deal with unflattering photos—it's a part of the beast. But Monty would NOT let it go. He hid under his office for days and clawed at anyone who tried to make him feel better about it.

6. Taz's same-sex scandal (Purrpublican)

patricklubon / Via instagram.com

Taz had always taken a strong stance against cats living with other cats of the same gender, but he was forced to retire after being caught in a compromising position with a male colleague.

9. Nala's confusing sink bath (Democat)

ColKorn1982 / Via Flickr: geekshots

While the photo is still completely puzzling, her PR team's disastrous handling of the matter only further pushed her out of office.

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