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15 Instagram Accounts That Will Blow Your Food-Loving Mind

High-end food porn at your fingertips.

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1. Signe Birck

Signe Birck is a Danish-born photographer whose composition and eye for detail make her culinary photography a work of art in its own right. A must-follow for both photography enthusiasts and foodies alike.

2. René Redzepi

Redzepi is the owner of Noma, a two-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark.

3. Gastro Art

Why yes, those are all things you can actually eat.

4. Alain Ducasse

Ducasse is among the world’s most celebrated culinary masters.

5. ChefSteps

For some delicious food and babe'n chefs.

6. Studiokitchen

Food porn at its finest.

7. Four Magazine

Four Magazine specializes in dishes by internationally acclaimed chefs, restaurants, and luxury lifestyle. Its Instagram does not disappoint.

8. The Art of Plating

Your definitive source for beautiful food.

9. Jose Moran Moya

One half of food blog Spanish Hipster, Moran Moya takes us on an international culinary journey through his pictures and quippy captioning.

10. McCrady's Restaurant

McCrady's in South Carolina built a name for itself with its high-concept, locally sourced cuisine.

11. Heather Sperling

Sperling is an established New York-based editor and food writer, and certainly knows how to recommend a meal.

12. April Bloomfield

Nothing beats a chef with a great sense of humor (and lovely food, to boot!).

13. Bo Bech

Another of Copenhagen's heavyweights, and a must-follow for the self-appointed foodie.

14. Paul Liebrandt

Chef Paul Liebrandt is an excellent example of art meets culinary mastery.

15. Enrique Olvera

Chef Olvera is a New York-based critical darling with a food feed that'll have you salivating within seconds.

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