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    The Best Things About Living In Seoul

    Not including the KPOP, because that's obvious.

    1. Korean BBQ.

    2. And all the other food.

    3. The subway system is clean, reliable, and efficient.

    4. Soju can cost less than a bottle of water.

    5. There's amazing shopping above ground.

    6. And amazing shopping underground, too.

    7. Sticker shops.

    8. Charming cafes.

    9. Themed cafes.

    10. Unique bars.

    11. Seoul's amusement park, Lotte World.

    12. "Same same," an adorable clothing trend for couples.

    13. Norebangs, aka karaoke.

    14. Multibangs: play Nintendo, watch a DVD, take a nap....

    15. There's a clean public bathroom somewhere close at all times.

    16. Ondol (floor heating) keeps you warm.


    17. Need to pass out? The city will let you be.