25 Outfits From "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" That'll Make You Nostalgic

    This is what dreams are made of.

    Here's some background music that will bring you back to 2003.

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    1. This opening scene lipsyncing outfit:

    2. This cute pink and black outfit:

    3. Lizzie's outfit from the airport scene:

    4. This ladylike Kate Sanders ensemble:

    5. This cute blouse and jean pairing Lizzie is wearing when she meets Paolo:

    6. This casual ensemble she wears while traveling through Rome:

    7. This fashionista plus entourage entrance:

    8. This bodycon silver dress with an odd headpiece:

    9. This light-up dress and hat:

    10. An inflatable igloo outfit that Lady Gaga would be proud of:

    11. This edgy number with a loose end:

    12. When this Marie Antoinette inspired dress hit the catwalk:

    13. When Lizzie's animated self wore dramatic earrings:

    14. When "Isabella" requested fabric choices:

    15. This bohemian jean jacket outfit combo:

    16. This sultry red number, complete with a beaded necklace and wavy hair:

    17. This silk blouse and breezy skirt she wore while practicing her moves:

    18. Miss Ungermeyer's silky red robe:

    19. This bedazzled jean jacket:

    20. When we were introduced to the real Isabella and her fancy boots:

    21. An elegant blue hued coordinate from Sanders:

    22. When Kate actually rocked the "sweater tied around your neck" trend:

    23. This lacy red carpet ready outfit with chandelier earrings:

    24. Lizzie's final performance costume dress than turns into pants:

    25. The final scene's polka dot dress:

    Don't you feel like watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie now?