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23 Ridiculously Cute Products You'll Want Immediately

If it's cute, I want it.

1. This tea infuser is perfect for tea lovers and narwhal fans alike.

2. These cat coin purses everyone will be asking about.

3. This Pusheen kigurumi will allow you to live your best lazy cat life.

4. How about these banana cats that you can hang anywhere?

5. This bat pastel skirt is the perfect combination of creepy + cute.

6. This Rilakkuma tissue box cover will look absolutely adorable lounging on your coffee table.

7. Chubby bunny notes you'll want to stick all over your desk.

8. This zippered pouch is perfect for a budding fairy type Pokémon trainer.

9. This Gudatama shirt that perfectly describes you on Monday's.

10. All How To Train Your Dragon fans will want this Toothless mug for their collection.

11. These blind box pug figures that will mark your territory for you.

12. An adorable way to store your contact lenses = these egg-shaped cases.

13. Gift someone a handmade crochet penguin, who will brighten up their day.

14. These bread-shaped trivets will protect your table and look so damn cute at the same time.

15. This Tsum Tsum Disney cup set will be the sweetest thing in your kitchen.

16. This kitty watch is equal parts delightful and sophisticated.

17. This trio of sushi pillows that are bound to make your stomach growl.

18. Adorn your bed with these Stitch and Scrump pillowcases.

19. These penguin sticky notes will help keep your life organized.

20. This embroidered beanie is the epitome of ~kawaii~.

21. This alpaca shirt and skirt set will make you stand out in a sea of black outfits.

22. This DIY felting kit includes all the tools to make this soft hedgehog.

23. Recreate some Jurassic Park scenes with this dinosaur plush set.

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