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17 Nerdy Leggings That You Will Want Right Now

You should lock your wallet away before reading this.

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9. Adventure Time Leggings / Via

Can the real Tree Trunks please stand up?

$37/Way Bristol


14. Tetris Leggings / Via

For all you Tetris pros out there.


15. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Leggings

BlackMilk Clothing / Via

Deathly Hallows consisted of three magical items created by Death himself. Wear these and become one good-looking master of Death.


16. Marvel Comic Book Leggings

Superheroes used to wear tights, but leggings are way cooler (and more modern).

$15/J.C. Penney

17. Steampunk Gear Leggings

Somebody buy these with me and coordinate matching steampunk-y outfits!



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