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This Japanese Plus-Size Fashion Magazine Is Breaking Traditions

la Farfa is creating a domino effect.

la Farfa is Japan's first magazine geared specifically to plus-size women.

The magazine wanted to provide more positive representation of bigger girls.

The spreads feature styling tips and provide a valuable list of shops that accommodate larger sizes.

The magazine showcases outfits that don't just hide their bodies. Look at these girls rockin' their swimsuits!

They're trying to make the term "marshmallow girls" trending, instead of the offensive term "debu".

Some people were not amused with this term. But their model, Goto Seina, had the perfect reply.

Nevertheless, the reaction to the magazine has been mostly positive.

la Farfa has already celebrated its one-year anniversary.

It even had its first fashion show featuring real-life readers modeling.

The fashion industry definitely took notice. Lingerie line Pocha Kawabura recently launched to accommodate larger cup sizes in Japan.

There's also a new clothing line called Plumprino.

And Pottya, a plus-size pop idol group, made their debut this past January.

The magazine has already made waves, but most important, it has given these girls a voice.

You can get it wherever Japanese magazines are sold. But it's SOLD OUT right now on Kinokuniya.

No matter what your opinion is on the "marshmallow girls" term, can we just appreciate a magazine that is promoting confidence in your own skin?

While la Farfa doesn't represent EVERY size, it's a step in the right direction...

Props to the la Farfa team for creating a publication that speaks to an underrepresented group in Japan.