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24 Sailor Moon-Inspired Fashion That Are Too Beautiful For Words

In the name of the moon...and my poor wallet.

1. This sailor collar top:

2. This celestial sweater and skirt set to match the sailor top:

Buy them here and here.

3. These magical wand leggings:

Get them here.

4. This sweater that's way more comfortable than a leotard:

5. This Sailor Mars dress:

6. This Sailor Jupiter workout tee:

7. This adorable Princess Serenity top:

8. This magical Luna jumper dress:

9. This bunny and moon print shirt:

10. This comfy Sailor Mercury hoodie:

11. This Chibi Moon brooch skater skirt:

12. This sweet beanie:

13. These Sailor Venus themed necklaces:

14. This Negaverse Moon circlet:

15. This Sailor Pluto pendant:

16. This pink locket tee:

17. This Sailor Saturn hair bow:

18. This locket belt:

19. This moon prism graphic tee:

20. These colorful uniform socks:

21. This elegant Sailor Jupiter cameo necklace:

22. This dainty Artemis and Luna tote:

23. This delicate locket-inspired necklace:

24. This starry dress with an embroidered collar:

Get this beautiful dress into your closet, go here.

Sailor Moon apparel is SO beautiful!