This Forest Girl Fashion Subculture Is Truly Enchanting

    Cue fairytale motifs, vintage dresses and lots of layering.

    Mori Girl is a fashion subculture that originated from Japan. It literally translates to "forest girl".

    The style features loose dresses, earthy colors and vintage inspired motifs.

    Most of the specific Mori Girl fashion lines are sold in Japan. But there are ways to achieve this style.

    The right silhouettes and fabric will help you achieve the ethereal Mori Girl look!

    Layering is really important! It gives depth and texture to your coordinates.

    How to layer like a Mori Girl:

    Natural colors work really well, like green, cream and brown.

    For shoes, boots and closed toe shoes are perfect.

    Jewelry is often delicate and tiny.

    The quirkier your purse, the better.

    Floral headpieces go well with the forest girl aesthetic.

    Makeup is usually light and airy. Think pastel and netural colors.

    Buns, braids or ponytails are on point. Or just let your hair loose! Girls with naturally curly and wavy hair rejoice!

    If you have colorful hair, you can still pull this style off!

    Some nail polish recommendations:

    Perfume should never be overwhelming. Floral and earthy scents are preferred.

    The Mori Girl lifestyle encourages girls to slow down and appreciate the outdoors.

    Mori Girl style can transfer to your home decor.

    Buy unique pieces at vintage stores or flea markets. Wood furniture is great because there are different hues to match your tastes. Real (or fake) flowers can brighten up your neutral palette.

    In summary...