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42 Fashion Moments From Disney Movies That'll Make You Swoon

Disney's style game is top notch.

1. When Cinderella had her magical girl transformation.

2. When Anna imitates The Swing painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard perfectly, because of her full skirt.

3. When Jasmine showed off her sultry side.

4. When Maleficent showed off her badass sleeves.

5. When the Evil Queen also showed off her sleeves.

6. When Kida revealed her beach ready outfit.

7. When Tiana had her ultimate wedding dress moment.

8. When Captain Amelia showed up in her nautical ensemble in Treasure Planet.

9. When Pongo was browsing magazines in 101 Dalmatians.

10. When Esmeralda performed in this sizzling red number.

11. When Ariel emerged from the water in this stunning dress.

12. When this poodle duo appeared in 101 Dalmatians.

13. When Cinderella used the fountain to check herself out.

14. When these girls wore peacock feathers in their hair.

15. When Belle emerged from her room, looking gorgeous in yellow.

16. When Anita was the most fashionable individual on the street.

17. When Aurora wore her ever-changing color dress in Sleeping Beauty.

18. When the triplets fangirled in unison, while wearing their matching dresses in Beauty and the Beast.

19. When these cherubs created this couture headpiece.

20. When the wind didn't mess up Pocahontas' outfit (or hair).

21. When we were envious of the Blue Fairy's sparkly gown.

22. When we wished they sold cute winter gear like Belle's.

23. When Cruella proved that villains do everything bigger and better.

24. When Elsa changed into her icy dress that we ALL wanted to steal.

25. When Emperor Kuzco rocked out with his gold and turquoise accessories.

26. When Mulan's mother added the finishing touch to her daughter's outfit.

27. When we realized Merida's mom has a Pinterest-worthy hairstyle.

28. When Hera was a vision in her pink dress with draped sleeves.

29. When the Queen of Hearts rocked the high collar ruff on her dress.

30. When Vanellope von Schweetz transformed into her true princess self.

31. When this centaur was the original Coachella trendsetter with her flower bra.

32. When Honey Lemon had the cutest purse we all wanted in Big Hero 6.

33. When Jane made her initial appearance...parasol, bustle skirt and all.

34. When Charlotte made an entrance in her girly gown.

35. When Tinkerbell knew how good she looked in her strapless dress.

36. When Meg was singing in her purple Grecian frock.

37. When Ariel's sisters proved they each have their own unique sense of styles.

38. When Rapunzel made Pascal a matching dress.

39. When Merida pulled off her hood, revealing her fiery hair and light blue dress.

40. When Madame Medusa channeled her inner diva with her fur trimmed coat.

41. When this trio worked their silk hanfu outfits.

42. And finally, this classic Disney shoe scene.