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    32 Brilliant Home Decor Items Inspired By "Game Of Thrones"

    Who wants the fanciest house in Westeros?

    1. Hoard your cookies in this dragon egg jar.

    Thinkgeek / Via

    Shop here.

    2. Hang up this illustrated map of Westeros in your study.

    ConsiderGraphics / Etsy / Via

    Get yours here.

    3. Rep your fave house with wax seal coasters.

    Thinkgeek / Via

    Comes in a set of 6 here.

    4. Lannister and Stark cushions to adorn your couch.

    Oki007 / Etsy / Via

    Get one or both from Etsy

    5. Dragon sconce to light your way, because the night is dark and full of terrors.

    Design Toscano / Via

    Buy him now.

    6. Show off your house with a banner on your wall.

    Oki007 / Etsy / Via

    Another wonderful Etsy creation.

    7. Opulent brass cups that are worthy of any king or queen.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Buy here.

    8. Have the Stark motto at your doorstep.

    Damn Good Doormats / Etsy / Via

    Available here.

    9. This etched dragon beer glass is perfect for your collection.

    OverlyAttachedDecals / Etsy / Via

    Get it here.

    10. Deer or antler decor work well for Baratheon themed rooms.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    This piece is both decorative and functional.

    11. Viserion egg paperweight for your desk.

    Target / Via

    Get it now.

    12. Display these themed glass vials (like Milk of the Poppy) on your shelves.

    UrdHandicrafts / Etsy / Via

    You can order them in sets of 2, here.

    13. Chairs with high backs and intricate designs would most likely be found in Lannister homes.

    14. A wooden chest to hide your secrets in.

    UrdHandicrafts / Etsy / Via

    Shop now.

    15. Iron lanterns for your outdoor excursions.

    West Elm / Via

    You can also look at vintage stores or garage sales for similar lanterns. Or buy here.

    16. Imagine these stunning bookshelves filled with books!

    World Market / Via

    This investment piece is available here.

    17. This fancy silver container you can use to hold your trinkets.

    BostonInventory / Etsy / Via

    Get one here.

    18. This dragon bookend will keep all of your books safe.

    MadMarchMoon / Etsy / Via

    This handmade beauty can be bought here.

    19. House shot glasses with matching emblems and mottos.

    ClarityArtwork / Etsy / Via

    Full set sold here.

    20. This gold mirror is perfect for any highborn lady of the court.

    Kirklands / Via

    Buy one for your bedroom.

    21. Gold napkin rings will suit any lavish dinner party.

    SharetheLoveVintage / Etsy / Via

    Set of 6pc available here.

    22. A wooden Lannister sigil you can hang in your hallway.

    MillwaukeeMade / Etsy / Via

    Get your very own sigil here.

    23. Silver goblets that'll make a satisfying clinking noise when cheering.

    edinburghvintage / Etsy / Via

    Get the pair here.

    24. Greyjoy pillow to liven up your boat...or living room.

    HBO Store / Via

    Buy now.

    25. This dragon clock will blend well with modern/minimalistic decor.

    Etsy / Via

    Also available as a wall clock. Shop here.

    26. House Bolton magnet shows off your family pride.

    BurnEx / Etsy / Via

    Get it here.

    27. Invest in a crystal decanter to keep your precious wine nearby.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via

    This one from Bed Bath and Beyond is a steal!

    28. Dragon themed candle (with a cute label) will look pretty, sitting with your other candles.

    Etsy / Via

    This soy candle can be bought here.

    29. Pledge your allegiance to the Night's Watch with this plaque.

    RFabiano / Etsy / Via

    Get it now.

    30. Matching spoons for the Drogo x Dany fans.

    BonVivantDesignHouse / Etsy / Via

    Get your set here.

    31. Rep House Arryn with this beautiful handmade print.

    Inmyheartdesigns / Etsy / Via

    Get one now.

    32. Don't forget to decorate the outside of your house; try these wooden signs.

    CurioObscurio / Etsy / Via

    You know you want them. Buy here.