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    32 Brilliant Home Decor Items Inspired By "Game Of Thrones"

    Who wants the fanciest house in Westeros?

    1. Hoard your cookies in this dragon egg jar.

    2. Hang up this illustrated map of Westeros in your study.

    3. Rep your fave house with wax seal coasters.

    4. Lannister and Stark cushions to adorn your couch.

    5. Dragon sconce to light your way, because the night is dark and full of terrors.

    6. Show off your house with a banner on your wall.

    7. Opulent brass cups that are worthy of any king or queen.

    8. Have the Stark motto at your doorstep.

    9. This etched dragon beer glass is perfect for your collection.

    10. Deer or antler decor work well for Baratheon themed rooms.

    11. Viserion egg paperweight for your desk.

    12. Display these themed glass vials (like Milk of the Poppy) on your shelves.

    13. Chairs with high backs and intricate designs would most likely be found in Lannister homes.

    14. A wooden chest to hide your secrets in.

    15. Iron lanterns for your outdoor excursions.

    16. Imagine these stunning bookshelves filled with books!

    17. This fancy silver container you can use to hold your trinkets.

    18. This dragon bookend will keep all of your books safe.

    19. House shot glasses with matching emblems and mottos.

    20. This gold mirror is perfect for any highborn lady of the court.

    21. Gold napkin rings will suit any lavish dinner party.

    22. A wooden Lannister sigil you can hang in your hallway.

    23. Silver goblets that'll make a satisfying clinking noise when cheering.

    24. Greyjoy pillow to liven up your boat...or living room.

    25. This dragon clock will blend well with modern/minimalistic decor.

    26. House Bolton magnet shows off your family pride.

    27. Invest in a crystal decanter to keep your precious wine nearby.

    28. Dragon themed candle (with a cute label) will look pretty, sitting with your other candles.

    29. Pledge your allegiance to the Night's Watch with this plaque.

    30. Matching spoons for the Drogo x Dany fans.

    31. Rep House Arryn with this beautiful handmade print.

    32. Don't forget to decorate the outside of your house; try these wooden signs.