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How To Dress Like A Ballerina Even If You're Not One

Tulle skirts, all day.

Jill Stuart / Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed / Via
Nanette Grebe / Thinkstock

Tutus are made of multiple layers of stiff tulle but everyday tulle skirts are softer.

Pair with a white blouse and your favorite lipstick!

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Leotards come in a variety of designs, sleeve lengths and colors. Wear them under skirts or pants!

Going to the bathroom is inconvenient sometimes but then again...overalls and rompers are the same way. Certain leotards might have snap bottoms.

This lace leotard is super elegant, especially when worn with a long skirt.

Discount Dance / Via

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Who said leotards had to be super girly? Bring a bit of edginess with this bodysuit with hook-eye closures.

Forever 21

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Ballet flats are a subdued way to wear this look. Avoid flashy satin ribbons if you want to avoid looking like a Halloween costume.

Wear these with your everyday outfits to unleash your inner ballerina.

Jessica Simpson / Via

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These flats are designed by Bloch, a leading dance footwear brand.

We love this perfect pink color. Shop here.

Wear these ballet slipper socks for lazy days.

Keystone / Staff

Everything from wrapped cardigans, oversized sweaters and cropped sweaters work. Popular colors are pink, black and grey.

Wrap cardigans are often worn by off-duty ballerinas and comfort seekers alike.

Free People
Free People

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This cropped sweater is great for seasonal wardrobe transitions.

Missguided / Via

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If tulle is too much for you, try chiffon skirts. Some dancers wear these chiffon skirts while practicing in the studio.

This skirt has built in shorts!

YesStyle / Via

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View Stock / Thinkstock

Elaborate bodices are popular on ballerina costumes. If you wear this, there is no need for a necklace! Jeweled and embellished bodices are great for formal events.

Channel your inner Swan Lake's Odile, dark swan.

Asos / Via

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This bodice of this dress is hand beaded and there's tulle too!

David's Bridal / Via

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Legwarmers are great for chilly days and lounging at home.

Wear these cute legwarmers under your boots so the button detail peeks out.

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Tights come in different forms like footed (traditional ones that cover your feet), stirrup and footless.

Pink tights pair well with lighter colored outfits.

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Ballerinas wear bold jewelry (think giant fake gems) because it's more visible on the stage.

You can definitely see these babies sparkle from miles away.

Discount Dance / Via

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If you prefer a more dainty look, this charm necklace is for you.

beccasblues / Etsy / Via

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IPGGutenbergUKLtd / Thinkstock

Ballerina buns are timeless and go with anything. Dress up your bun with ribbons, flowers or jeweled barrettes.

Bun covers are a clever way to keep your hair in check.

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Ditch that floral crown for floral bun halos!

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What ballerina would leave her house without a dance bag to stuff all her essentials in?

Bags with iconic Degas studio scenes are must-haves for ballet enthusiasts.


Buy yours here. Painting: The Dance Foyer at the Opera on the rue Le Peletier, 1872

Travel in style with this sequin zip tote bag.

Discount Dance / Via

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levkr / Thinkstock

The light pink is has been associated with ballerinas since forever. Beauty brands took notice and turned this feminine color into makeup.

Makeup inspired by this pinky hue:

Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

Nude Ballet (L'Oreal), Rose Ballet (Lancome), Ballet Slippers (Essie), Ballet Twist (Covergirl), Ballet (Hourglass), Ballet Slippers (e.l.f.), Ballet Pink (Bobbi Brown), Ballet Shoes (Sephora)

Jill Stuart created a collection called "Prima Grace" featuring pretty packaging and ballet inspired shades.

Jill Stuart / Via

You can get the nail polish and lipgloss here.

Now get out there and work your "en pointe" ballerina outfit.