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    32 Elegant But Nerdy Ideas For Your Prom Outfit

    Wave your nerd flag at prom...without the flag.

    Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

    1. Add some shiny LEGO cufflinks to your sleeves.

    Perfect Cufflinks / Etsy / Via

    Get them at Perfect Cufflinks.

    2. Attach a Hunger Games mockingjay pin to your dress or blazer.

    3. Show off your Star Wars pride with this R2-D2 bracelet.

    Her Universe / Via

    Get it here at Her Universe. Other R2-D2 jewelry available.

    4. Match Hogwarts-themed nails with your dress colors.

    5. Use Sansa Stark or Cersei Lannister as your hairstyle inspirations.

    6. Wear metallic Star Wars Naboo earrings with your up-do.

    Her Universe / Via

    Available at Her Universe. We recommend wearing this with a white or red dress for a regal Queen Amidala look.

    7. Replace your watch with this Dr. Who pocket watch.

    Thinkgeek / Via

    Buy now for instant class.

    8. Hold all of your essentials in this magical unicorn purse.

    Thinkgeek / Via

    Matching wallet sold separately. Shop here!

    9. Forgo the normal boutonniere for this comic book one.

    Crissy Baker / Via

    Make your own with the help of this tutorial.

    10. Try on these Portal Companion Cube earrings.

    Jinx / Via

    The perfect blend of girly and geeky, all in one earring. Buy now!

    11. Wear this moon circlet in place of a tiara to channel your inner Sailor Moon.

    12. Have each of your friends wear vigor pins from Bioshock Infinite.

    Irrational Games / Via

    Bonus points if their outfit matches the vigor bottle. Search for it on eBay since the Irrational Games store is sold out at the moment.

    13. Wear this Kingdom Hearts keyblade and heart necklace set with your BFF.

    14. Add some super cute Super Mario details to your outfit.

    lizglizz / Etsy / Via
    lizglizz / Via

    They also have Luigi/Wario/Waluigi hats and Daisy crowns on their Etsy!

    15. Get matching Sailor Moon senshi symbol necklaces for you and your crew.

    SekushiBox / Via

    Which sailor scout are you? Necklaces available here.

    16. Sweeten up your outfit with this Adventure Time BMO bow.

    Hot Topic / Via

    Wear in your hair or even pin to your dress. Get it now!

    17. Wear this colorful Zelda Majora's Mask Termina Clock bracelet that matches everything.

    Also comes in First Day version and two different sizes here.

    18. This Harry Potter wallet can double as your clutch.

    Hot Topic / Via

    You can buy this beauty here.

    19. Stick flowers in your braids for a Rapunzel inspired hairdo.

    Missy / Pink Pistachio / Via

    Full directions for this Tangled hairdo here.

    20. Stick some pink llama hair clips in your updo!

    Tasty Peach Studios / Via

    Shop here!

    21. Zombie bow tie adds a bit of edge to your ensemble.

    More Me Know / Via

    Pair this with a classic black jacket and white shirt.

    22. Show off your Miyazaki love with this Spirited Away No-Face ring.

    lkcrafts / Storenvy / Via

    Get one to match your black or purple gown.

    23. Try these Dungeons and Dragons inspired ties for roleplaying game addicts. / Via

    Comes in a variety of colors, buy now.

    24. Wear this classy Batman clip with the tie of your choice.

    The Little Saint Store / Via

    Buy this fancy piece here.

    25. Star Trek nails are the perfect thing for Trekkies.

    The Nailasaurus / Via

    You can use one design as an accent nail or decorate all your nails.

    26. Unleash your dark side with this Darth Vadar crossbody purse.

    Loungefly / Via

    Buy it here.

    27. Try this DIY boutonniere idea: glue LEGO figures in the center of the ribbon or flower.

    One Fell In / Via

    See the tutorial here.

    28. This Pokeball pendant is simple but iconic.

    Trinket Geek / Via

    Available in other types, like Master Ball. Get it here!

    29. These Breaking Bad cufflinks are an understated accessory.

    Breaking Bad Store / Via

    Snag these here.

    30. Change up your boring heels with shoe clips like these Nightmare Before Christmas ones.

    CrazyJanesCustoms / Etsy / Via

    Shoe clips are also incredibly inexpensive. See more at her Etsy store.

    31. Minimalistic game controller ties are great for those who don't want loud accessories.

    Penny Arcade / Via

    See more at the Penny Arcade store.

    32. Create your own dress belt for whatever fandom you want.

    Green Wedding Shoes / Via

    Just follow this tutorial and customize it with a trinket of your choice!

    Who is ready to look FIERCE at prom?

    Lionsgate / Via