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32 Elegant But Nerdy Ideas For Your Prom Outfit

Wave your nerd flag at prom...without the flag.

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2. Attach a Hunger Games mockingjay pin to your dress or blazer.

Get similar one here.

4. Match Hogwarts-themed nails with your dress colors.

5. Use Sansa Stark or Cersei Lannister as your hairstyle inspirations.

See more similar Game of Thrones hair tutorials here.

11. Wear this moon circlet in place of a tiara to channel your inner Sailor Moon.

This crescent moon headpiece is available here.

12. Have each of your friends wear vigor pins from Bioshock Infinite.

Irrational Games / Via

Bonus points if their outfit matches the vigor bottle. Search for it on eBay since the Irrational Games store is sold out at the moment.

13. Wear this Kingdom Hearts keyblade and heart necklace set with your BFF. / Via

Laser cut jewelry is super modern yet cute. These are by Lickety Cut.

30. Change up your boring heels with shoe clips like these Nightmare Before Christmas ones.

CrazyJanesCustoms / Etsy / Via

Shoe clips are also incredibly inexpensive. See more at her Etsy store.

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