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21 Beautiful Ways To Style Graphic Tees

Without looking a child.

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1. Use a blazer to dress up your outfit.

Structured blazer + matching pants + belt

2. Match accessories to give your outfit a theme.

Colorful boots + leggings + cool accessories

3. Maxi skirts = ultimate comfort.

Maxi skirt + cuffs + hat or headwrap

5. Patterned skirts can be your friend.

Patterned skirt + colorful purse + stack of bracelets

8. Throw in some sporty or tomboy elements if skirts aren't your thing.

Shorts + sneakers + socks + hat

9. Add some drama with over-the-top pieces.

Faux fur jacket + sparkly skirt

11. A simple outfit means your shirt design will shine.

Hat + black pants

12. Try incorporating some special details.

Detachable collar (or dress shirt worn under your tee) + tulle skirt + thin belt + oxfords

14. Pair your top with suspender skirts.

Floppy hat + suspender skirt + sky-high shoes

15. Pair high waisted shorts with your shorter tops.

High waisted shorts + glasses + stacks of bracelets

16. Leather pants add +50 badass points.

Beanie + long cardigan + leather pants

17. Update your winter layering skills for warmer weather.

Long sleeve dress shirt + leather skirt

18. Channel your inner rebelious schoolgirl.

Jacket + plaid skirt + tights + booties

19. Formfitting shorts can balance out oversized shirts.

Shorts + sneakers + watch

20. Don't be afraid to play with colors or quirky accessories.

Beanie + red jacket + skirt + colorful socks + bold purse

21. Or just stick to the classic combination.

Blue jeans + heels/flats of your choice

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