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    21 Beautiful Ways To Style Graphic Tees

    Without looking a child.

    Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

    1. Use a blazer to dress up your outfit.

    2. Match accessories to give your outfit a theme.

    3. Maxi skirts = ultimate comfort.

    4. Throw a moto jacket over it.

    Justin Coit / / Via

    Leather jacket + black sunglasses + killer jewelry

    5. Patterned skirts can be your friend.

    6. Ditch your old shorts for a grown up pair.

    My Daily Style / Via

    Shorts + belt + blazer + booties

    7. Say yes to pencil skirts. / Via

    Patterned blazer + pencil skirt + white shoes

    8. Throw in some sporty or tomboy elements if skirts aren't your thing.

    9. Add some drama with over-the-top pieces.

    10. Tuck your relaxed tee into a knee length skirt.

    Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Via

    Midi skirt + heels or sandals + leather purse

    11. A simple outfit means your shirt design will shine.

    12. Try incorporating some special details.

    13. Don't underestimate denim jackets. / Via

    Denim jacket + skirt + heels + thigh high socks

    14. Pair your top with suspender skirts.

    15. Pair high waisted shorts with your shorter tops.

    16. Leather pants add +50 badass points.

    17. Update your winter layering skills for warmer weather.

    18. Channel your inner rebelious schoolgirl.

    19. Formfitting shorts can balance out oversized shirts.

    20. Don't be afraid to play with colors or quirky accessories.

    21. Or just stick to the classic combination.