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Anytime I feel the connection between music and people I am always amazed and this has been a long time. Music indeed is unique. Not only does it send us a message as people but also it causes us to feel and see things differently. This is what I believe that any category of music has a way of evoking different emotions within us and cause us to action or perceive our environment differently. Every person, old or young, great or small have this one song that wake us up or cause us to create or have a perfect time or maybe a sad song which causes us to reflect on past experiences, or help us to have inner strength to forget a past. It is a fact and very known that music have a great effect on us be it negative or positive or however the case. Yes, this is much known to us but there is something so important about music that we have often left out. I would love to talk about it and see if you will feel same way. “LYRICS”

Lyrics are not in existence in some genres of music and this give the music opportunity to speak for itself. However, in some cases lyrics are made available. Most often, the importance of “lyrics” is neglected. From my thinking, lyrics should be the reflection of the Artist’s inner thought and create a new way of great connection between the music and the person who listens to it. Lyrics depends on the different ways we see it and in some cases a total confusion of the point. A particular music is not made for everyone depending on its genre. Different genres of music have a calling for different kinds of people. Whichever genre of music you look into, you may find a different type of story when you see the lyrics. Dating back to 60’s and 70’s many songs were much more of political relationship and served a great message with a greater meaning than just the song itself. It is a record of the times passed and the social unrest between the leaders and the fighters who could in no way convey their message but in music.

Different cultures have their different music backgrounds and their unique way of presentations judging with today music even time passed and off course sometimes it’s just the tunes and beating most people node their heads in agreement to. They may really not know the meaning of the song but just to enjoy partying nonstop because they have no options. It is very fun to just listen to music with fun lyrics sometimes that you know aren’t serious. And other times, it can be a very real experience that one is able to relate to every word the artist speaks.

Mostly in cases where you just enjoy a cultural music different from your background and not even in fine tone, here the significance of lyrics becomes much clearer than you have always thought. I think that the importance of lyrical content should be clearer than it is.

Talking about my personal experience, lyrical content is much more appreciated and I would suggest a much clearer understanding of today’s musical life as calling for more Lyrics than before. Anytime I hear an artist convey a deeper meaning to a song I develop a great love for that song or artist irrespective of the background or category of that song. Songs that make you think about the message sent and wonder about their meaning for many days. Down to our day, these songs are very rare and only lyrics can really convey much of this message especially when we don’t understand the language of the artist. Have there ever been any songs that you enjoy that have a deeper meaning or significance after listening to the lyrics? Hindi, Bollywood, English, Punjabi songs and many more. If you haven’t, I have!

It is a fact that many competing lyrics web sites are still giving unlicensed content, creating challenges around the validity and accuracy of lyrics. Be sure to note if the website you get your lyrical content is licensed.

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