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    The 30 Most Perfect Gifts For Your Biggest Harry Potter Friends This Holiday Season

    Trying to find that perfect present for the biggest Potterhead you know? You're welcome.

    1. Harry Potter Luggage Tag

    2. The Marauders Stacking Mug Set

    3. Mischief Managed Ring

    4. Daily Prophet Albus Dumbledore Shirt

    5. Harry Potter Book Titles Tote Bag

    6. Dobby Loves Socks Card

    7. Customisable Hogwarts Letter Necklace

    8. Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament Shirt

    9. Marauder's Map Toms

    10. Weasley Is Our King

    11. Polyjuice Potion Flask

    12. The Three Broomsticks Tank

    13. Gryffindor Crest Necklace

    14. Forever Sweatshirt

    15. Azkaban Placard Necklace

    16. Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

    17. Harry Potter Accio Coffee Mug

    18. Butterbeer Lip Balm

    19. Harry Potter House Logo Shot Glass Set

    20. Golden Snitch I Open at the Close Necklace

    21. Harry Potter Scar & Glasses Ring

    22. Lightening Bolt Stud Earrings

    23. Mischief Managed Shirt

    24. Quidditch Hoodie

    25. Teaspoon Emotional Range Quote Rubber iPhone 4/4s Case

    26. SPEW Free House Elves Propaganda Poster

    27. Blue Paisley Tea Cup Mug from Prisoner of Azkaban

    28. Ravenclaw House Crest Corner Bookmark

    29. Wingardium Leviosa Feather Necklace

    30. Deathly Hallows Stud Earrings