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How It Feels To Beat Duke As A Tar Heel

It's one of the biggest rivalries in college sports - and it feels really good.

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It's like winning the World Cup AND the Superbowl.

So this in UNC blue.

It's just sheer exhilaration.

There's the initial realization.

And then we bask in the immediate afterglow.

We're united as victorious tar heels.

We frolic in shared happiness.

And storm Franklin Street.

Helicopters whir overhead to stream live footage.

Someone's like "Let's get this thing started!"

It doesn't take long either.

Then the parties beckon.

Like glittering beacons on the horizon.

They take off like woah.

kinda like that but in HD color and 10x more boss.

And suddenly it's just a great time everywhere.

Some of them are a bit abrupt. Remember these?

Campus has an amazing, awesome/chill/fantastic vibe.

You'll have the best night ever. Which you may or may not (probably won't) remember.

People will be breaking out their dance moves.

....whatever they may be...

Probably some twerking involved.

Can't be a party without twerking these days.

And just some random craziness.

In a safe environment and all in good fun of course. We look out for each other.

And tomorrow's Friday.

So we'll keep celebrating. Well into the weekend too.

So what's it like to beat d00k you ask?

It's better than a firework pikachu.

It's better than getting 3 bottles from a vending machine.

Which is pretty sweet.

It's better than headbanging with a bear.

How awesome would that be?

It's better than coordinated fireworks explosions.

In gradient colors and with a perfect view.

It's more epic than this.

Would still be more epic than Daenerys with dragons.

It's better than whatever this is.

Which looks cool and fun and all.

It's better than whatever warranted this reaction.

Which I mean... had to be good.

It's better than this guy's movement.

Not sure if that actually qualifies as dancing.

It's better than this kick-jump.

Which is undeniably sick.

It's better than Hercules high-fiving Pegasus

Can that even be beat?

So better luck next time devils.

And thanks for the win.

Much obliged.

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