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Vladimir Putin Is Former KGB

Wait.... what? If I were a Russian Olympian, I’d be doing everything possible to win also. No wonder they were ready.

CatherineSafrit 5 years ago

How It Feels To Beat Duke As A Tar Heel

It's one of the biggest rivalries in college sports - and it feels really good.

CatherineSafrit 5 years ago

So February 20th Is Love Your Pet Day

There are other holidays in this month besides the one with hearts and flowers. Take a day to give your furry, feathery, scaly or fuzzy friend some affection and attention.

CatherineSafrit 5 years ago

How To Add Peppermint To Everything

It's the holidays people. Amp that candy cane. We want maximum mint. Like Nowish.

CatherineSafrit 5 years ago

Twitter Reactions To 2013 Celebrity Babies

Tweets describe people's takes on names, couples and the newborns.

CatherineSafrit 5 years ago

10 Stages Of Holiday Weight Gain

It's the most wonderful time of the year! For anyone except your waistline.

CatherineSafrit 5 years ago