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    Top 12 European Destinations To Get Your Fall Fix

    Crunchy leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin spiced everything (if that's your jam) & ultimately the end of summer. While a lot of us will be singing that we've got that "summer time sadness" when October rolls around there is a lot to be said about Fall around the world. Take it from these avid travellers & their Autumnal adventures around Europe. So pack those sweaters, grab that beanie & book that ticket. Europe is waiting!

    1. Livonashoestring - Stockholm

    Livonashoestring / Via

    When I need a city break, it’s usually because I’m craving a dose of nature, and in autumn, nothing makes me happier than seeing the leaves change colours. The Nordic capital of Stockholm, Sweden combines fresh air, changing leaves and great shopping (hello IKEA!) to make you feel that rest and relaxation needed for Fall’s awakening. Wake up early and take a stroll along the beautiful cobblestoned waterfront of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, and one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centres in Europe and marvel at the variety of rooftops. Stop for a fika break (hot drink + sweet treat), and peak into the Royal Palace - considered one of the largest palaces in the world with over 600 rooms! Daylight is of the essence in Scandinavia with the sun setting around late-afternoon, so head indoors and enjoy some Swedish meatballs and cozy up near a fireplace and watch as the city comes alive at night.

    2. Ohio Girl Travels - Cambridge

    Ohio Girl Travels / Via

    Located along the River Cam in eastern England, Cambridge is approximately 50 miles north of London. Home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, exquisite architecture, cobblestone passageways, well-manicured lawns and picturesque riverside gardens, a visit to this charming town is worth the trip anytime of the year. In the fall, the cool crisp air and autumnal hues invite visitors to grab a hot chocolate, wrap up in a blanket and enjoy a leisurely cruise on a chauffeured punting boat to take in the delightful beauty of this historic British town.

    3. Travel With Candi - Copenhagen

    Travel With Candi / Via

    Autumn is THE season to visit Copenhagen. The city's canals are lined with countless trees that have changed from green to fiery reds and oranges, and often, their beautiful colors are reflected in the calm waters. During the fall, the weather in Copenhagen is unbeatable - it's not too hot (as it can get in the summer), and it's not nearly as brisk as it is during the chilly winter months. Plus, the summer crowds have died down tremendously, and it's quite easy to find fabulous discounts on flights, accommodations, and tours. After a long afternoon spent wandering this beautiful city, head to one of Copenhagen's quaint cafes for some delicious snacks infused with seasonal flavors, such as apple or pumpkin. If you're in town on October 31 and feeling festive, the Tivoli Gardens are famous for throwing one hell of a Halloween party.

    4. Seven Day Weekender - Paris

    SevenDayWeekender / Via

    The phrase “Paris is always a good idea” is actually true, and I think may be especially true in the Fall. No matter where you are you can’t deny the changing of the seasons is not only gorgeous but makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Fall brings a different kind of romance to the City of Light. Grab a tea or coffee (and a pastry of course) and walk along Left or Right Banks of the Seine (together a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the Eiffel Tower, through the Jardin des Tuileries or across one of the cities 37 bridges. It’s almost impossible to not fall in love with the ‘City of Love’ as you’re surrounded by the color changing tress and impeccably dressed Parisians riding around on bikes in their fall garb. For a perfect escape from the crowds head over to the Jardin du Palais-Royal. It’s not just a garden, it’s so much more than that! The perfect place to sit and people watch between the boxed hedges and rows of changing trees, or walk the three beautiful arcades that line the garden. Before you leave make sure you head to the Southern end of the complex where Daniel Buren's 260 black-and-white striped columns are located – an Instagrammer’s heaven.

    5. Penguin & Pia - Edinburgh

    Penguin & Pia / Via

    If you’re looking for the perfect city to discover in the fall - Edinburgh comes to mind. A perfect mix of history and charm physically glistens after each rainfall. In Edinburgh, there’s always something to discover. From Waverley Train Station, strolling the Princes Street Gardens that surround the iconic Edinburgh Castle and 
you might end up in the grassy Meadows - and if you didn’t know if was autumn in Edinburgh, you will after a walk through that offers a calming quiet in the city. For the more adventurous souls, hike up Calton Hill or Arthur’s Seat to truly experience classic Edinburgh outings.

    6. She Who Wanders - Dublin

    She Who Wanders / Via

    The capital city of the republic of Ireland is a long weekend getaway that should not be overlooked because “doesn’t it always rain in Ireland?”. Rain leads to lush leaves, and in reality there is a seriously good chance you’ll get a dry day to take advantage of it. From the cities historic buildings including Dublin Castle and it’s multiple stone cathedrals, I bet you’re wondering where you’d see anything Autumnal? Never fear, the city has the perfect place to get your fill of that - Phoenix Park. Spread out over 1750 acres and home to the Dublin Zoo, a castle & wild deer to make you really feel like you’re out in the wilderness. But never fear, you’re not far from a stellar pint of Guinness to reward yourself if you manage to walk through the entire park.

    7. Alix Mahé - Champagne

    Alix Mahé / Via

    Fall signals the start of the Champagne harvest and what a perfect season to plan your visit to this region in France. Reims, the region’s bustling main centre, is home to luxurious champagne houses, great restaurants and several historic attractions including the 13th century Gothic cathedral where the Kings of France were crowned. If you’re looking for a in-depth look at champagne production, many vineyards and champagne houses are located just outside of Reims in the charming town of Épernay. Not only do the vineyards look beautiful this time of year, but you can witness the meticulous grape picking done by hand as they have done for centuries. A stroll down the impressive Avenue de Champagne will take you past the iconic producers like Moët et Chandon and Mercier. Make sure to stop in for a tour and a sample of that infamous bubbly. 

    8. EverywhereBucketList - Amsterdam

    EverywhereBucketList / Via

    Having spent over a year visiting Amsterdam monthly and subsequently moving to Amsterdam, all in the name of love, I have been lucky enough to see Amsterdam through the four seasons. Whilst some swear by visiting during Spring – tulip season - I love seeing Amsterdam’s colours come alive during the autumn/fall season! There’s just something special about seeing the colours of the UNESCO Heritage city’s canal houses paired with the yellows and oranges of the falling leaves. Amsterdam’s cosy pubs welcome you with delicious hot chocolate with cream (warm chocolade melk met slagroom) or an autumnal boutique IPA from the local brewer Brouwerij t’IJ, which is housed under the largest windmill in The Netherlands. The canals get a little quieter during the fall too, creating the perfect opportunity to see the city from its waterways without any of the summer congestion! What could be better than cruising along the Amsterdam canals with the sun shining, some Dutch cheese and beer in hand with the best view of the autumn colours and this beautiful city?! 

    9. The MVMT Blog - Slovenia

    The Mvmt Bog / Via

    Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a gorgeous city to visit in all seasons. However, it is especially beautiful in the fall. The high summer temperatures fall to around 60ºF/15ºC in October, making it warm enough to spend time outdoors, but cool enough to throw on a jacket. Ljubljana is a small enough city to see on foot, and spending a day walking around it will reveal the kind nature of locals, the importance placed on the environment, and the rich history associated with the country. This experience becomes more enjoyable in the fall, when tourists are not as rampant. There are a plethora of activities and tours that you can go on in Ljubljana. Check out a craft beer tour to discover beers from Ljubljana and the regions surrounding it, or embark on a culinary tour to experience the unique ways that Ljubljana incorporates both the environment and social care into their food, all while taking advantage of the last days of patio season. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, check out the cycling and culinary tour through Taste Ljubljana’s website here

    10. Leah Feiger - Venice

    Leah Feiger / Via Instagram: @leahfeiger

    As the tourist season reaches its peak in the sweltering summer months in Northern Italy, the crowds ebb just as Autumn arrives. Which makes planning your trip to Venice perfect - known for its winding canals and excellent seafood, the shoulder season here is my suggested time to visit. Built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon on the Adriatic Sea, spend your days wandering the streets in search of hidden gems, or take a day trip to the colorful Burano for the most picturesque afternoon of your year. With no roads, enjoy that perfect slow exploration style that you just don’t get with a car.

    11. Jodi Molinari - Germany

    Jodi Molinari / Via

    Because Germany is more than just bratwurst & beer, I would recommend heading out to the countryside. My husband and I visited the Rhein River Valley in Germany several years ago and were so glad we did! With it’s many valleys, vineyards and castles along the Rhein river and we were able to spends three days touring the many spectacular castles and towns. From each side of the river you are treated with outstanding views of the vineyards which were an amazing bright yellow during our visit in November, 2016. The weather was very mild which made our hikes up to the castles far more comfortable and autumn is typically off-peak season so there were very few tourists.

    12. Greta's Travels - Bucharest

    Greta's Travels / Via

    Bucharest is the capital of Romania and a highly overlooked European destination. With a vibrant Old Town centre, with lots of bars and restaurants if you're looking for lively night life it also has a rich history visible in buildings like the Palace of Parliament where you can learn of Romania's communist past. My personal favourite corners of Bucharest were the parks we visited. We went to both Vacaresti Natural Park and Carol Park. These are especially beautiful if you're visiting Bucharest in Autumn, where the colours of the parks really come alive. They're beautiful in different ways; Vacaresti Natural Park was originally the site of a grand architectural project, which was abandoned after the Romanian revolution and taken over by nature. Carol Park instead is more curated and central, if you visit on a weekend don't be surprised by the amount of wedding photoshoots under way there (it was my first time ever feeling under dressed in a park)!