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10 Ways Orange Is The New Black Perfectly Describes Your Life.

OITNB Has a place in all of our hearts.

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1. When someone threatens to take Netflix away from you.

They are the spawn of Satan.

2. When you see someone you'd rather just avoid interaction with..

See ya later bitch!

3. When food is the only great thing in your life atm.

The feeeeeeels.

4. When no-one gets your badass, funny joke.

What morons. They're obviously not as cool as you anyway.

5. When you're trying to be smart and someone sasses you.

Don't they know this was your one shot at sounding smart??!!

6. Being at work and having to pretend to take an interest in people.

So not fair. Why can I not get paid to do nothing?

7. When you're truly passionate about the good things in life, which is mainly pizza.


8. When someone tries to interrupt your favourite TV show.

Who would do such a thing?

9. When PMS finally kicks in.

Anger, Emotion, Love. Who knows?

10. When you finish work and get the whole weekend off.

Woohooo! Everything is right in the world!

OITNB, We love you.

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