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10 Makeup Brushes That Every Makeup Lover Should Own

Your bank account wont thank us, but your makeup will.

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1. MAC 217 / Via

This beautiful brush is definitely one for your makeup bag, where else to start off with than with the 217. Perfectly densed packed fibres and a dream to blend eyeshadow with into the crease.

You can buy it here for £20 ($29.30)

2. MORPHE G2 / Via

One of my all time favourite brushes, the G2. I have never found anything to blend my concealer so well around my face, especially under my eyes. It is so soft and gentle, it makes the face look literally airbrushed. Such a dream.

You can buy it here for £11.25 ($16.40)

3. Real Techniques Shading Brush / Via

Now this little beauty is a multi tasker, you can use it for putting a transition shade into the crease, or for packing colour onto your eyelids or even to run eye shadow onto the lower lash line. The quality and the price really makes this brush a steal and definitely one to have in your makeup bag.

You can get it here for £4.13 ($6)

4. Beauty Blender / Via

Okay so technically this isnt a brush, but this is the best thing I have ever used for my foundation and I mean, EVER. All you've got to do is run this under the tap and then squeeze until damp, and voila! The most perfect tool for your foundation.

You can buy it here for £16 ($23.40)

5. NARS Ita Kabuki Brush / Via

Look no further for the most precise contour brush on the market, believe me, I've tried nearly every one possible. Amazing for that natural contour, or if you're like me and like a more defined contour, it does that too. Great for contouring down the side of the nose and along the jawline too!

You can buy it here for £43 ($63)

6. Real Techniques Blush Brush$detail$ / Via

This blush brush by Real Techniques is really a winner when it comes to precision, price, versatility (can be used for powder and bronzing too) and quality. No wonder its award winning! Never tried a brush like it and its an added bonus that its made by some of my favorite beauty gurus, Pixiwoo. Trust me, after using this brush, you'll never want to use another one for blush again.

You can buy it here for £6.10 ($9)

7. MORPHE G23 / Via

This brush just screams highlighter brush, and it should do. Never have I used a brush for highlighter that has given me such a natural yet amazing glow. Cannot live without this one.

You can buy it here for £6.10 ($8.99)

8. ELF Studio Stippling Brush / Via

This brush is all you'll need for blending anything out on your face. The smooth, soft bristles make everything flawless and not to mention, I've had this for 5 years and still as amazing as the day I brought it, for £4.50 its so worth it!

You can buy it here for £4.50 ($6.60)

9. MAC 208 / Via

One of my favourite brushes ever, the 208 gives me the shape of my dream eyebrows without breaking the bank. Its another oldie in my makeup brush collection. Had it a few years and never shed once, or lost its shape after washing it. Definately worth it and your brows will thank me for introducing you to this brush.

You can buy it here for £16.50 ($24.20)

10. Real Techniques Powder Brush / Via

Another award winner from Real Techniques. This brush is ideal for bronzer over the contour points of the face to give it that sun kissed look. Its even big enough to use on parts of the body if you fancy bronzing the rest of your body up.

You can buy it here for £6.89 ($10)

We love you makeup brushes!

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