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    • Catherine1948

      Take a look at the utter misery on her face, and see if you can find some empathy for her. One can surmise that her marriage to Mr. Weiner created tension with her family from the get-go, because of the religious difference, if nothing else. She may well have a personal and/or religious conviction that marriage literally means ‘till death do us part.’ She has a very young child with him. I certainly understand the questions raised by her apparent loyalty to this creep who doesn’t deserve her, or her loyalty; but have some heart for her— She deserves it, and probably needs it. Mr. Weiner deserves all the scorn and nasty comments he gets, although they probably bounce off his narcissistic hide. His wife is maintaining her dignity in the face of terrible challenge— we don’t really know why, and it isn’t our business. Give her some credit and respect, and don’t throw rocks at her. She’s got enough to carry as it is.

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