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Turkish Oil Wrestling Is A Totally Legit Sport

No, seriously, it's the national sport of Turkey.

So, the premise of oil wrestling is this: first, get greased up with olive oil.

You need lots of oil.

This man may or may not be oiled enough.

This man looks suitably oiled.

Grab a friend.

Join a team.

And then start wrestling.

Yep. Wrestling.

The goal is to get a hold on your opponent's kisbet, or specially made pants.

Seriously. The most effective way to win is to shove your arm down another man's pants.

It's actual wrestling. See?

Good lord.

It just ends like this.

Or this.

Sometimes winning looks like this.

And sometimes it looks like this.

Yay! You won!

But wrestlers don't hold grudges.

Opponents can still be friends.

So, thank you, Turkish oil wrestlers, for existing.


P.S. here's a GIF!