The Best Of Kanye Wes Anderson

Mr. Wes meets Mr. West in this blog that matches up screencaps of Wes Anderson movies with Kanye West lyrics. Look at all the Futura!

1. The Darjeeling Limited / “Gone”

2. The Royal Tenenbaums / “Flashing Lights”

3. Rushmore / “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox / “Clique”

5. Fantastic Mr. Fox / “Runaway”

6. Moonrise Kingdom / “Robocop”

7. The Royal Tenenbaums / “Power”

8. The Royal Tenenbaums / “Love Lockdown”

9. The Royal Tenenbaums / “Way Too Cold”

10. The Darjeeling Limited / “Through the Wire”

11. Moonrise Kingdom / “Runaway”

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