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Mar 10, 2014

The 21 Most Creative Ways To Get To The Cake

BuzzFeed’s Community worked together to come up with the most creative and original ways to get past deadly spikes to delicious cake.

We asked BuzzFeeders to use this template and MS Paint or an online photo editor to show how they’d get to the cake!

1. The Portal option was popular.

From JuniperBug

2. Just remember: the cake is a lie.

From waltero

3. We had several variations on "Accio cake."

From hackerta


5. Free elves are super helpful.

From tarrahf

6. Some people just wanted the cake too badly to wait.

7. A few BuzzFeeders used engineering solutions.


From collinc4

9. Some people decided to deal with the deadly spike situation head on.

From oOo

10. Industrial-strength nail files are a great idea!

From Tashween

11. Some BuzzFeeders got to the cake by thinking outside the box.

From Laralong


13. Deadly spikes are no match for lightsabers.

14. Warp pipes are also a great option.

From Spencer

15. It turns out we have several mutant BuzzFeeders!


17. One person obtained the cake through transcendental meditation.

Kayla J is now one with everything.

18. A certain Time Lord helped a few BuzzFeeders out.


20. At least one person got help from Benedict Cumberbatch (and an evil penguin.)

Exceptionally creative, fleur123!

21. And finally, we wept for the BuzzFeeders who couldn't partake.

Sorry, alanb22


Awesome job, everyone!

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