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Meet Corgnelius, The Cutest Corgi Ever

He's got everything: sweet clothes, a charming smile, and (of course) an adorable corgi butt.

You may remember Corgnelius from this image, which took over Tumblr for a while:

Turns out he was born adorable!

He's handsome all dressed up:

He can rock the Western look as well:

Corgnelius, you silly dog. Giraffes have LONG legs not SHORT ONES!

You're right, that giraffe costume WAS pretty clever. I see what you did there!

Corgnelius is the chillest dog:

What's that, little buddy? You want have a sleepover and watch movies all night?

Glad you brought your pajamas!

He's not even mad that you were checking out his cute corgi butt!

We love you too, Corgnelius. <3