Meet Corgnelius, The Cutest Corgi Ever

He’s got everything: sweet clothes, a charming smile, and (of course) an adorable corgi butt.

1. You may remember Corgnelius from this image, which took over Tumblr for a while:

2. Turns out he was born adorable!

3. He’s handsome all dressed up:

4. He can rock the Western look as well:

5. Corgnelius, you silly dog. Giraffes have LONG legs not SHORT ONES!

6. You’re right, that giraffe costume WAS pretty clever. I see what you did there!

7. Corgnelius is the chillest dog:

8. What’s that, little buddy? You want have a sleepover and watch movies all night?

9. Glad you brought your pajamas!

10. He’s not even mad that you were checking out his cute corgi butt!

11. We love you too, Corgnelius. <3

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