The 30 Most Creative Ways To Get The Cake

BuzzFeed’s Community worked together to come up with the most creative and original ways to get past deadly spikes to delicious cake.

BuzzFeeders used this template and MS Paint or an online photo editor to show how we’d get to the cake.

1. The Portal Solution

Don’t listen to Ginny N: the cake is a lie.

2. The Laser Eyes Solution

From bethp11.

3. The Harry Potter Solution

From savannahf

4. The Iron Man Solution

From Rt7272

5. The Tooth Extraction Solution

From littlebittyE

6. The Photoshop Solution

Very clever, amgreenberg

7. The Mario Solution

From Sammie Crowley

8. The Four-Step Solution

From chris

9. The Excavation Solution

From marys27

10. The Painful Yet Effective Solution

From mo092, who chose to ignore the “deadly” part of “deadly spikes.”

11. The Grenade Solution

From stephanier41

12. The Starfish Solution

From cnrduffy, who took a hint from starfish, which eat by ejecting their stomachs outside of their bodies.

13. The Flamethrower Solution

I question the physics of zrahim’s solution, but the concept of “liquidised cake” is intriguing.

14. The Absurdist Magic Potato Solution

From turtlefeed

15. The “Screw It, Who Needs Cake?” Solution

From MisterMagoo

16. The Vacuum Solution

From LaucoCo

17. The Old-School Mario Solution

From finicle

18. The Mortal Kombat Solution

From Swantanomo Bay

19. The “It’s A Trap So I’m Not Going To Eat It” Solution

From DoorHandler

20. The Third Wall Solution

From ciarar, with the caption “You are all idiots if you didn’t think about the third wall.”

21. The Willy Wonka Solution

From connors3

22. The Doctor Who Solution

From speakingofwitch

23. The “Deadly Spikes Have Feelings, Too” Solution

From murexmuris

24. The Diamond Rocket Suit Solution

From Tek

25. The Richie Rich Solution

From tomthealiencat with the caption “The “Richie Rich” treatment, looking down from above.”

26. The Eraser Solution

From bobbyc10. Simple, yet effective.

27. The Emotionally Manipulative Solution

From mikeys3

28. The Dig Dug Solution

A very creative solution from RogueAl

29. The Armored Vehicle Solution

From antibalistkmisel

30. The Dwight Schrute Solution

From zachs12

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