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How To Make A BuzzFeed Quiz

UPDATE: Please refer to our updated quiz guide here!

UPDATE: We have since updated our quiz format. Please refer to the new quiz guide here!


Hi BuzzFeeders!

In the past, quizzes could only be created by BuzzFeed Staff. Starting TODAY, Community members can make quizzes as well! If you're not already a member of the BuzzFeed Community, you can sign up for an account here.

Please note that BuzzFeed is no longer supporting new posts from Community Brand Publisher accounts, which include any accounts with a political, commercial, or self-promotional agenda. You can learn more about our new guidelines for brands and Community accounts here:

This is a detailed "How To" guide for creating quizzes using the BuzzFeed CMS (Content Management System, or posting interface).

Overview: Types of Quizzes


You have probably seen each of these throughout BuzzFeed a bunch of times, but you may not have necessarily realized there were so many different types of quizzes. Or you may have. Either way, these are the different types (and here’s a picture of what you’ll see in the BuzzFeed CMS):

A Standard Quiz has one correct answer out of several and tells you whether you got the answer right or wrong as you go through the quiz. You can add a reveal on each question, where you'll explain what was wrong/right. Here's an example of a Standard quiz without reveals, and here's an example of a standard quiz with reveals. The Standard is good for Trivia quizzes.

A Single Question Quiz is just that. A quiz can have one Single Question (example here), or many Single Question quizzes within one post (example here).

A % Correct Quiz doesn't tell you whether the answers are right or wrong as you proceed, but it tells you at the bottom what percentage you got right. You can use this as a different kind of personality/trivia hybrid quiz by customizing the results to describe what you are based on whether you were able to get the right answers. Example here.

A Personality Quiz is our most popular quiz. You choose from answers that have been assigned to different results, and whichever result you choose the most answers aligned to, you get! Example here.

A Checklist Quiz allows you to pose a single question and list dozens or hundreds of possible answers that people can check off and then share the number they checked off. You can also write custom results for different range. This quiz format is text-based. Example here.

An Image Checklist Quiz is the same as a text-based Checklist quiz, but image- based! Example here.

Quiz Tips (straight from the BuzzFeed Editors):


Quizzes are all created in ONE "subbuzz" box so save your work often!

Here's a useful step by step guide for Personality Quizzes:

Step 1: When starting to think about your quiz, come up with your results first.

That makes it easy to create answers to questions that fit your results instead of trying to do it the other way around, which is a nightmare (trust us!). It's also a good way to think about your quiz, anyway — the results are the most important part, and you want them to ring true.

Tip: Make an excel spreadsheet with the answers, questions, and results. This will help you organize everything so you can easily put the info in the CMS.

Step 2: Add results in CMS.

Now it's time to put it all in the CMS! Add your result title in the "Result Title" field, and the result text in the "Result Text" window. Very easy! You have the option of uploading an image with each result, and should definitely do that so long as you're using appropriately sourced images. Once you've added one result, you can keep adding more with the "Add Another Result" button until you've put them all in.

Step 3: Add your questions.


The next thing you need to do is click "Questions" so you can put questions together. You cannot set up the questions without putting your results in first. You can upload your question image with the "Upload Image" button under "Question Title." If you're making your quiz with all images, you can ignore the text boxes in this section.

Step 4: Add answer options for each question.


Next you upload your answers just as you did with your question image, and for each answer, assign it to the appropriate personality with the drop-down menu marked "Personality." After you've added an answer, you can click "Add Answer" and repeat this process until all the answers are in.



Once you've completed your first question, it's a good idea to save your post. Click "Add," and then "Save Draft" up top. Then open your post up again and click "Add Question" for each question in your quiz. Repeat this process until all of your questions and answers are laid out as you want.

TL;DR: Quizzes are great! Have fun!

If you have questions, email the Community team ( You can also find the BuzzFeed Support Team on Twitter.