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Here's An Insane North Korean Anti-American Propaganda Video

America: where we've devoured all the birds in the sky, and the biggest treat you can have is coffee made out of snow.

How Americans Live Today!

Buying Guns To Kill Each Other, Especially Children!

Everyone Is A Drug Addict!

Because Houses Blow Away In The Wind, People Live In Tents!

The Tents Collapse All The Time, So The Red Cross Provides Curtains And Supplies Donated From North Korea!

There Are No Birds In The Trees, Because Americans Have Killed Them All To Make Soup!

The Government Subsidizes Meals Of Hot Snow, For Which Americans Are Grateful!

Another Staple Of American Diets: Coffee Made Of Snow!

Because It Snows All The Time, The Poor, The Cold, The Lonely, And The Homosexual Huddle Together For Warmth!

Thank Goodness For The Generous North Korean Camera Crew, Who Gave These Poor Americans Cake!