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    Updated on Jul 26, 2019. Posted on Jul 24, 2018

    18 Delightfully Random Tumblr Posts About Animals

    Thank you, animal side of Tumblr. You're the best.

    1. Check out this cozy horse.

    2. Squirrels are truly the biggest sinners in suburbia.

    3. Glad they got this cleared up.

    4. This horse tried. It really tried.

    5. Regardless of what we should call this, it's adorable.

    6. This should be a national holiday tbh.

    7. A tip for all you parrot owners out there.

    8. Extremely relatable, birb.

    9. Literally never approach a swan. Just don't.

    10. Tiny body, G I A N T A N G E R.

    11. Too pure 4 me.

    12. o_O

    13. He's mystical and powerful and I trust him with my life.

    14. ;)

    15. Parrots are basically toddlers.

    16. This weird dog is extremely valid.

    17. DO. NOT. EAT.

    18. Last but not least, look at this queen.

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