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22 Of The Cutest Things On The Internet

BuzzFeeders worked together to make a list of the cutest things ever. You might just die of cuteness.

1. The Epic Puppy-Kitten Love Fest

2. The Borzoi Who Befriended A Handsome Cat

3. Two Kittens In Mugs

4. A Momma Cat Hugging Her Kitten

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5. This Outrageously Fluffy Kitty Belly

6. The Leopard Cub With Adorable Reflexes

7. The Adoring Smile On This Aussie

8. The Supercut Of Babies Laughing At Dogs

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9. This TINY Mini-Horse And His Buddy

10. The Kitty Cuddle-Puddle

11. And The Puppy Cuddle-Puddle

12. The Handsome Graduate

13. A Baby Kangaroo Wearing A Diaper

14. This Grinning Baby And His Upside-Down Friend

15. The Baby Anteater Getting A Piggyback Ride From Its Mom

16. The Kissing Bunnies

17. Love At First Sight Between This Airedale And Her Rodent Friend

18. The Two Friends Sharing A Bed

19. The Kitty Hugging His Teddy Bear

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20. These Two Adorable Friends

21. The Golden Retriever Petting A Cat

22. Otters Holding Hands

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