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Hey, Are Uncrustables A Type Of Ravioli?

People on Wikipedia are fighting about it, so let's fight about it too.

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Right, so, this post is going viral on Tumblr today.

So, I checked and — at that very moment — according to Wikipedia, "sealed crustless sandwiches," A.K.A. Uncrustables, could be categorized as a type of ravioli.

According to the entry, they "weakly fit categorisation criteria for burritos, dumplings, and ravioli, as well as being described as a sandwich by name." There was also a very upsetting tidbit about cereal, which is a whole different debate entirely.

However, in the time it took me to draft up this post, the Wikipedia entry was edited to re-categorize sealed crustless sandwiches as primarily a sandwich (debated.)

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So, let's settle this: are Uncrustables a type of ravioli, sandwich, or something else entirely? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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P.S. For what it's worth, Uncrustables weighed in on Twitter and clearly states that their product is a sandwich!

@catesish It says it right on the box… Sandwich

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