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    12 Reasons Why Baby Birds Are The Best

    Kittens and puppies are cute and all, but baby birds are totally underrated. Here's why!

    1. They're inquisitive:

    2. They fit in your palm:

    3. Their feathers are fashion statements:

    4. Some baby birds have stripes:

    5. Some have spots:

    6. Baby birds make friends with all kinds of species:

    7. They come in small packages, regardless of how big they'll grow up to be:

    8. They are excellent photobombers:

    9. Baby birds are great at yoga:

    10. They're good at cardio:

    11. But mostly THEY ARE SO FLUFFY:


    This one is fluffy AND grumpy! What a combo!

    12. In summary, baby birds are way better than kittens. That is all.

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