34 GIFs That Perfectly Describe What It's Like Using A Mooncup For The First Time

    "Wait, so how do I get it up there?!"

    1. Just like clockwork*, your period has arrived.

    2. And you've decided to try out a Mooncup for the first time.

    3. Because it's meant to be so empowering.

    4. And so feminist chic.

    5. You prepare yourself as best as you can.

    6. But the process can be be slightly alarming.

    7. And not at all comfortable.

    8. So you trim the "stem" like the instructions say, but that doesn't seem to help.

    9. And realise that even when you get the stem length figured out, you didn't put it in properly.

    10. Like, at all.

    11. And when you do finally do get it in properly, you're convinced this will happen if you sneeze.

    12. You also find yourself wanting to tell everyone about it.

    13. And to give everyone an update on how you're doing, and that you have a cup shoved up your vagina.

    14. But strangely, nobody wants to know the details.

    15. You obsessively watch the clock to see when it's time to change it.

    16. Because you don't want to find out what will happen if you leave it in too long.

    17. But you're also afraid of what will happen when you take it out for the first time.


    19. You go in to take it out.

    20. And, just as you feared, you think it might be stuck.

    21. You definitely think it's stuck.

    And you realise this is the worst thing that could ever happen. Ever.

    22. But then it moves! You get it out!

    23. And now you know that when you take it out, it's not like you're unblocking a dam.

    24. You get a good look at the contents of your cup.

    25. And then it's time to tip it out.

    26. Which is terrifying, because blood.

    27. And then you need to find a way to clean your cup without making a huge, obvious mess.

    28. And then you have to put it back in.

    29. And by the time you've got it back inside, and you've washed your hands for the zillionth time, you feel like you've been in the bathroom for like, three hours.

    30. And you start to wonder if using a Mooncup is really all it's cracked up to be.

    31. And you fantasise about your cotton friends of yore.

    32. You consider switching back, but you know you must stick with it.

    33. Your tampon-loving friends just don't understand why you would put yourself through this.

    34. But you're now part of the Mooncupping club. And you and your vaginas are literally saving the world together.