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The Entire Cast Of "Arrow" Is Totally Killing It On Instagram

"My name is Oliver Queen, and my filter game is strong AF."

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This is (more or less) the cast of Arrow.

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If you think this lot are good on the show (and supercute in this GIF), just wait until you see them on Instagram. Individually, each actor totally nails it, but collectively (and with their combined selfie power) their are totally killing it.



And on Instagram, well, she's a little weird.

OK, a lot weird.


You get some wonderful behind-the-scenes shots of life as an Arrow cast member.

(You're basically training all the time.)


His Instagram game is pretty fucking serious. Like this shot of him with the Suicide Squad.

But also includes important cat photos.

As well as snaps with the man himself.

She's super into the things that matter. Like pizza.

But also her selfies with co-star Colton Haynes.

Haynes, who used to model for Abercrombie & Fitch, blesses his followers with old modeling shots.


He also shares important photos from the Arrow set.

As well as important videos.



But as grumpy as he is on the show, look how joyous he is on Instagram.

Thankfully he takes plenty of photos of his handsome friends.

And whatever crap he finds hanging around the set.

And even though he's only been on Instagram for like a month, we get to see THE SUIT.

And his Instagram is exactly what you would expect. Some of this.

Just giving the people what they want, basically.

She gives us all the important behind-the-scenes shots.

As well as the all important training photos.

And just super cool.

(Also definitely check out her blog!)

He makes the right snack choices.

He really lets himself go when he's not filming.

It's embarrassing really.

He's good at the whole parenting thing.

As well as picking which T-shirts to wear.

And his friends? Well. They will fuck you up.