This Is What British People Used To Dress Like

    Artist Nina Manandhar documents what we used to consider fashionable in 1950 - 2010 in her new book What We Wore.

    For What We Wore, Nina Manandhar has gone through and collected photos from the personal photo albums of members of the British public to create a "photographic documentary of British street culture and subculture from 1950 to 2010."

    The result is a lovely (and sometimes cringey) walk down memory lane which beautifully explores the relationship between British style and personal identity.

    "Britain has – decade upon decade, subculture after subculture – produced mindboggling, gobsmacking street style. And we're talking proper subcultures, lifestyle choices, rather than some Saturday-night- only, for-a-joke fancy dress. What people in other countries might just about wear for Halloween, people in Britain flaunt 24/7."

    JJ's Club, London, 1970s.

    Gavin Watson, London, 1983 (left), Suzannah Pettigrew, London, 1998 (right)

    John O'Connor, Leeds, 1982 (left), Mimi Joshua-Olushoga, London, 1971 (right)

    Gillian Cooper, Liverpool, 1998

    Fiona Cartledge, London, 1992 (left), Natalie Coleman, London, 1995 (right)

    Beverly Prempeh, London, 1995

    Riaz Khan and his mates, Leicester, 1982 (left), Russel Coulthart, Dorset, 1988 (right)

    Andrew Gallix and his best mate Yannick, Merton, 1981

    Wicksteed skatepark, Kettering, 1980s

    Devious rebels of Art, Hull, 1987

    Teo Connor, London, 1994 (left), Carri Munden, Brighton, 1995 (right)

    Hoana Poland, London, 1995