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    What Your Mum Says Vs What She Actually Means

    "I thought you might like these jeans."

    1. "Would you like to come over for dinner on Sunday?"

    2. "I never got into trouble like that when I was in school."

    What she actually means: "Because I never got caught, suckers. Lol."

    3. "I never smoked when I was your age."

    4. "Do you want to take a sweater?"

    5. "I just need to run in and exchange this shirt."

    6. "He always seemed like such a nice guy."

    7. "When I met your dad, things moved pretty fast, too."

    8. "Did you get my friend request on Facebook?"

    9. "Do you ever hear from Simon any more?"

    10. "Do you ever hear from Gemma any more?"

    11. "Do you have a blog website?"

    12. "Your sister showed me some pictures on Facebook."

    13. "That Beyoncé really knows her stuff."

    What she actually means: "I get down to 'Yoncé' while I'm driving."

    14. "I'm thinking about visiting on your birthday."

    15. "You were too good for him."

    16. When she sends you this in a text:

    17. "All sexuality is fluid."

    18. "Do you want a lift?"

    19. "That's a really nice outfit. Are you sure you don't want a coat?"

    20. "Have you been in touch with your brother?"

    21. "I'm having some problems with my mobile."

    22. "I thought you might like these jeans."

    23. "Everything is going to be fine. Call me if you need anything."