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    This Festival That Celebrates Redheads Is Absolutely Fantastic

    Well done, The Netherlands. Every country should have one of these.

    This past weekend, lovely redheads from around the world headed to The Netherlands to celebrate "Roodharigendag" – Redhead Day.

    The annual event is for "all redheads; men, women and children! Curly, spiky, quiff or crest; everybody who has red hair is more than welcome."

    The celebration of all things ginge took place in the city of Breda, and featured everything from music and fashion shows, to speed dating and even a scooter tour.

    As well as muscle flexing.

    And hilarious t-shirts.

    British photographer Thomas Knights' "Red Hot" photo exhibition was also on display.

    As it damn well should have been.


    Many redheaded selfies were taken.

    And it proved to be a very fashionable affair. Especially considering model and fabulous hair-haver Sterra Vlamings was in attendance.

    Just look at her!


    Basically, there were many redheads at Roodharigendag.

    So many.

    SO MANY.

    Thank you, redheads of the world.