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    This Bust Of A Former President's Wife Has Been Deemed Too Busty

    The statue has been ordered to be re-done after complaints the breasts on the bust are "too large".

    This bust of the wife of a former Romanian president has overly large, offensive breasts – according to Romania's Ministry of Culture.


    The statue of Arethia Tatarescu is displayed in her hometown of Targu-Jiu. After it was unveiled, the Romanian Ministry of Culture were not happy with the size of Tatarescu's breasts.

    "Artistically it’s exaggerated, and that means that aesthetically it doesn’t resemble the real image of the person," said the head of the council's Culture Department, Pompiliu Ciolacu.


    Gorj County Council paid €5,000 for the statue, and has now ordered for the bust to be taken down, and for the breasts to be made smaller.

    Artindex TV / Via

    However, the artist who created the statue, Paul Popescu, has refused, saying "breast size is a matter of taste" and that he thinks the breasts on the bust are "just right".


    Popescu has said: "It’s a totally arbitrary reason and at the end of the day in artwork breast size is a matter of taste. We don’t all have to like the same type of women, the same way that not every woman likes the same type of man.

    "Minister Boroianu personally finds it too sexy because the breasts are too large. I don't think that the breasts are too small, and I don't think that they are too large. I think they are just right."

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