25 Things That Happen When You Talk About Feminism On The Internet

    Please do tell me more about why feminism is sexist. *block*

    1. You are immediately told that you are wrong. Usually by a man.

    2. But #notallmen.

    3. You're accused of MISANDRY.

    4. (And sometimes even FISHANDRY.)


    5. Somebody sounds the Oppressed White Male alarm.

    6. And you're just like.

    7. You will probably get accused of something called "reverse sexism".

    8. Someone brings up Saudi Arabia.

    Feminists in the Western world should go to Saudi Arabia to fight real gender inequality like women getting fined for driving themselves.

    9. ...or some other country, telling us that other women have much bigger problems.

    10. Someone will mansplain what feminism actually is to you.

    11. And tell you what the real problem with feminism is.

    12. Anti-feminists start making all sorts of claims about "logic".

    @Hidoshi @JustLaurenB a male feminist...this defies all logic. All feminism defies logic, actually.

    Take equality of the sexes to its logical end. Should men not have equal "reproductive rights"? Forced fatherhood? Chew on that feminists.

    @madrugadita @amazingatheist not shaving your armpits is empowerment, not shaving your facial hair is neckbeard, nice logic from feminism

    13. Someone will argue that one feminist celebrity is a better feminist than another.

    14. And then obviously someone will bring up Beyoncé and then the conversation completely changes from whatever you were actually talking about to just Bey.

    15. Someone you know in real life will give a smug response to your writing, which only proves they haven't read it.

    16. People might say you're bossy, pushy, over-emotional, or even (gasp) menstruating.

    17. And call you a delightful combination of names.

    18. Someone will question whether you're a good feminist or a bad feminist.

    19. And someone will decide that, no, you're not a very good feminist.

    And therefore your views don't count.

    20. And you're just like, well, actually:

    21. Sometimes all the haters get to be a bit...much.

    22. But you become an expert at using the block button.

    23. And in the end, you always have the same feeling.

    24. And you're like, hey, internet:

    25. ...and then you get right back to work